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Reviews for "Phoenix Wrong: Last Stand"

great except

I think this is the best phoenix wrong ever done, but with that being said osuka is the only thing keeping this from being a perfect 10. I think all of his work in this flash is very dry, and none of it is clever in the tiniest bit. You shouldn't have to draw your own characters in a phoenix wrong, that's the point of it and takes away from 90% of the funny.

The best Phoenix Wrong flash animation...

Any guys what is really about this Phoenix Wrong?


No words describe my joy.


This video was awesome and very well made. Everyone did A awesome job making this video. All of the jokes where very well made and thought out. And they where very funny. The animation was great. Done to a T. I loved how you took a Internet Me Me and turned it into a very funny flash video. The song's you picked where awesome. And made the video that much funnier. I really enjoyed this video a ton. It was FANTASTIC. All the artist's who made this flash you all did a wonderful job. It was great. Everything was done perfectly. The jokes for each part fit perfectly. And it fit each part of the video. Best video ever. Great job. 10/10.


I especially like the Candlejack one, y'know the one b