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Reviews for "Phoenix Wrong: Last Stand"


I thought you said you wasnt going to make more, hehe.
Love the movie, a 9 from me.

One Word: LoL

The vader part was the best... Overall it was uber funny... lol gj ^^


This is my favorite Flash, mostly because I was a part of it. We had our ups, we had our downs (mostly the downs) but we all pulled through! It was a great experience Ashford. I love this Flash.

I've been saving this for my 100th response. Please make it worth it. :)
Grade: A+

AshfordPride responds:

Oh, did we have our downs... Two weeks of downs trying to assemble the damn thing...

jesus fuck!!!!

LOL i thought it was never going to end...Pretty Funny!!

LOL freakin awesome

Ashford, your stuff always rocks and I'm glad I got to see another extension of that. Everybody was good as well. Funny stuff. Phoenix Wrong 4ever.

AshfordPride responds:

Glad you enjoyed it! I hope everyone else enjoys this as much as you did. We worked really hard to make this one great!