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Reviews for "Phoenix Wrong: Last Stand"


Nothing more to say other than that's pretty friggen AWESOME...

though I want to know where I can get that Bethlehem song...I been lookin all over for it :\


one of the best of random humor. its adicting man... cant stop to watch it again and again and still makes u laugh. even when u watch it over 5 times.


That is so amazing! Made me go and watch all the videos on the "Phoenix Wrong" collection page. Arrh... My sides hurt. xD

fucking awsome hilarous!!!

whats the name of that song, thats all like "run for the hilllssssss
run for your livvvvvesssss!!!" and that show where hes all like dont say his name freak-a-zoid. that show and the show talking about the luv anger and all his sorrow.... burning finger!!!!!.

oh snap

i just watched all the other phoniex wrongs and i love the series. if only the real game could be this funny :P