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Reviews for "Phoenix Wrong: Last Stand"

Oh my fucking god I watch the anime and this is just so god damn funny I wish I could do this; somebody teach me!

Well, here it is, my favorite Phoenix Wrong flash ever made! I just loved everything about this! It's mostly because of how long it is. I also loved seeing that drawn stuff in it too. Now THAT was variety! My only complaint is that the Tenacious D bits did go on a bit too long.

My favorite might have been "Monty Python And The Holy Grail". Maybe that's just because I love that movie so much. "Invader Zim"'s always good. I wish there were more of these nowadays. Some memes just die. It was truly epic!

I don't understand that guy's attack in G Gundam.

all of this is funny and well done. Enough said

this is very old but i think its very awesome i watch it so many times made me laugh everytime
when i having a bad time i come here for the laugh this really makes my day