Reviews for "Magic Crack Rocks"


Many would consider your style childish and unrefined. I say, that gives it character! I love this!

JazLyte responds:

Thanks! You're the third person to say somethin to do with ass in their review! XD I love it, yo!


The beginning was funny! I was rollin' Will there be a part 2?? O.o I just wuv the Characters very smexy...<3

JazLyte responds:

Sadly, there won't be a MCR part 2, however, DevilSLayer, the main series will be going on for a long time I hope, so feel free to check back by for DevilSlayer III and up later on! Glad u enjoyed it, hanx for your review! ;)


but one thing how could any one think 50 cent lossing everything and having to wash windows on the street is a bad thing ?
i mean granted magic crack would have much more sever side effects on the world but realy it might just be worth it to see 50 go down lol
nice work

JazLyte responds:

Hopefully the allure of "street nigga" lifestyle will lose everything and die period. If it takes 50 goin' broke to get my people out of the shadow of white society, hell, give 'em a windshield wiper. 50 cent and all the rest of these gangster rappers aren't any less BLIND than those irritating, annoying rock and roll/country/oldie rock(whatever) punks who the white people are listening to. Oops, I've gone off on a tangent... Thanks for your review! ^_^;;

gimme gimme gimme!

now im not those kinda guys that does drugs. in fact i dont dont any drugs, drink or smoke for that matter. BUT IF THERES A CRACK THAT GIVES ME DEAMON POWERS THEN HIT ME UP BABE!!

JazLyte responds:


Really, REALLY, needs a video game, or pc game, like DMC, or something like that.