Reviews for "Magic Crack Rocks"

Really, REALLY, needs a video game, or pc game, like DMC, or something like that.

I will NOT watch on low quality!

When I saw the words Magic Crack, I had to see if it was anything like something I saw, and drank, in a dream I had about two years ago: a mysterious canned soda called "Magic Light", only found, already canned, inside a glacier, and sold exclusively by the mining company that discovered it. It doesn't really have the stimulant effect of crack, but was actually just a euphoric, and only mildly addictive. ("Magic Light" is copyright of/by me, 2010.) The freaky thing is the hue of the color you picked for Magic Crack: it's the same one that occured in Magic Light, only yours is light and mine was dark (though yours had a little more green it it, I think).


dont smoke crack kiddies


it was great and was pretty freakin funny i look forward to more

i likie

good animation as usual,keep up the good work, love what you have been compiling so far, i expect to see more