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Reviews for "Scaryville"

nice job....

the style and the graphics weren't the best..but it was animated well...

the humor was good... usually when i see Flashes with some guys being guys and doing stuff, the humor is usually really retarded, with lots of curse words, or somehow centered around sex...just really lame..

but this... the humor was good and original...to me it wasn't like you were really trying to make it funny. it just was.

i loved the turtle picture parts. xDDD and the first scene with the crazy guy in the coat.


I like this, the turtle joke and the clock joke were funny. I think the worst bit of this movie was the ending, but the rest was pretty funny. Nice animation style


i really enjoyed this. it was actually really funny.
"god speed batman, god speed"
it was so good.

everyone sounds so austrailian, but not so at the same time.

Haha, who is Brody supposed to be

Cause he looks exactly like me >_<

Things I found hilarious:
The turtle bit
The hitchiker's grin

Nice character style, always good to see interesting shapes in cartoons.

YEAH, Violence was 0 cause Doug didn't hit his head on the table hard enough :P


que bacilon

me rei hasta decir basta, que flash tan depinga no me aguanto hasta la 2da parte, son geniales sigan el maravilloso trabajo