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Reviews for "Scaryville"


i loved it! the turtle and the goth and the glue guy! the three guys were funny too! i hope to see more like these!

Nice work!

Exellent animation and mouth syncing to the words. The only problem was it was a little hard to hear the big bearded guy speak...

Nice job once again!

F'in' Awesome

That was freaking awesome man! I've had one of the crappiest days, and I watched this, and it made my day! And I've been watching lewis black too. I like how you made the characters kinda dumb, but not annoying, eye gouging out dumb. and the opening joke was the best. Kudos.

So funny.

This one was really funny...I enjoyed watching it and I keep showing it to my friends. Good job...!


Awesome man... animation very good and jokes were hilerious. I especially like "I drew a turtle" and the detention guy who kept jumping behind things.
Are you sure scaryville isn't Adelaide?