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Reviews for "Scaryville"

Hilarious! I'm making this one of my favorites!

That was original comedy! You have alot of talent in making hilarious flashes. I hope you can make this a series. Keep up the good work!


very cool, and not at all what i expected from a show called "scaryville" hehe. i like your style of art and animation, definitely unique. good voice acting, funny plot, although not too tight to keep from having fun. overall funny and well produced. lookin forward to the next!

that was great

i like the idea of the game nice grapichs very funny i liked the part about going to detention how the one guy cant get with that girl and how she a airhead i really liked the goth being in the car part overall really good you should reall make a part 2

....i drew a turtle

oh em ge that was funny!

Yayz :3

I loved this so much, I really did. It was funny, the right length (not too long or too short) and I love your style. The only teeny suggestion I have is maybe editing some sound effects when something falls (Doug's head, the detention teacher guy leaping behind his desk [no sound affect for him falling :(] and when Alex falls on top of Doug. I know there's a spine-crack noise but the noise from his body falling is not there.

It's sort of nitpicking, but only because every other aspect was perfect. Keep up the great work!! Maybe make a sequel? ^_^