Reviews for "xKore - Muff"


I've always been a huge fan of dubstep, and this is by far the best I've ever heard on Newgrounds. I love the reggae feel, the drums, everything. Keep up the good work.

an original

An interesting and original track that I've heard in a while.
could use a little more work but overall not bad.

I just--

Holy shit! I've never listened to dubstep, ever, but this song has single-handedly made me like the genre. Whatever you're doing, keep doing it.

As A Man? I thought I'd never say this...

I love you and everything you do. Please, for the sake of the orphans, keep up this rapturous, magnificent, godlike creation you call music. I've heard alot of dub in my days, and I must admit, this is the best regge tuned one I've ever heard. Insane Wobbles my friend. INSAAANNNEEE. (5/5, 10/10/, <3)


Your music is some of the best i've ever heard in my life, but you are so unfriendly and hard to approach about music tips lol. The only time you respond to a review is when you're mouthing off to someone. That attitude isn't helping your popularity much...
Anyway, 10/10 and 5/5

xKore responds:

hey man, if you need any help with music stuff just shoot me a pm, a few people pm me about music, and im usually happy with helping them.

and yeah i understand what you mean, its just that recently i was getting those reviews scoring me low because of the genre i put my music into, and that kinda got under my skin. but yeah, thanks for the feedback bro.