Reviews for "xKore - Muff"

It's like a reggae Dubstep

Awesome Sauce

Jesus Christ!

This is made with FL Studio? You are a god among us. Do you use and keyboards or anything? I can only afford the program itself, no keys or anything, so they music that I make is really limited.

xKore responds:

Nah I'm all software. FL Studio + NI Massive is all you really need for dubstep tbh.

please answer

just a quick question,what software do you use??

xKore responds:

fl studio 9


I liked it alot, It's in my Top 10.

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10 / 10

5 / 5


xKore responds:

thats alot of xkore :) thanks for the support.


Rastafarian Dubstep? What an awesome idea.