Reviews for "xKore - Muff"

Yah mon!

This was a treat to be sure.

You seem to have an excellent grasp of creating music that fits between genres, blending sounds and themes from multiple sources. This song is no different. The bass is absolutely killer and helps it fit the niche of dubstep, but reggae? Seriously? How the hell did you do that?!

Simply amazing.



Sounds a bit raggae , anyway gr8 work!

As I've said on Youtube

Amazing. Just, amazing. The wobble and the mastering, just perfect. You, xKore, simply win. And I wish to GOD that I can make something that sounds this good eventually. But obviously, you have the superior mastering and EQing skills. While I think the treble could be brought out in the wobble a little bit, and the ending coulda been tied up a little better, this is simply the best dubstep song that's ever been made and submitted to NG. There isn't anything that compares...nothing. Not even my song, "Reflections." Perfect job. I now bow to you as the king of dubstep. Congratulations! =D (Funny thing is, that picture of the rasta lion on Youtube kind of affirmed it lol.)

10/10 (For the perfect job overall...a rare, RARE gift)

Your friendly neighborhood aspiring-to-be-as-good-as-this-soon dubstep producer,


This is the best NG has.
it cant get better than this
good job =)


Is this the full version? Or are you hiding one away? :P Coz I want it if so!