Reviews for "xKore - Muff"


I'm new to dubstep, but songs like this make me like it more and more.


Friend turned me on to your music. Boy is dubstep filthy. I LOVE this.

sweet beats

Yoll old and young THIS IS DUB
artist take a lesson from my pro friend here
This is dub genius and i need more
Any1 who thinks they can do dub needs to take a lesson from you bro
pure skills pertruding from this beat congrats
Your fan

Holy crap

Im just still shocked as to how you seem to be a master for every style you
do. Its just amazing this song is unbelievable. I love your trance and i think I
might even love your dubstep stuff more its a close call but you seem to blow
everyone else out of the water with this genre.


This is one hell of an amazing song.


I'm listening on shitty computer speakers, but I can already tell this is quality shit. Not sure why you released this for free? anyway, filthy filthy shit. Only suggestion I can think of... your beat is punchy, but it could do with a swing. I think a bit of well placed percussion could give it a better groove. I'm a sucker for that reggae piano