Reviews for "xKore - Muff"


simply massive! i agree with kaizerwolf, you really need to let us in on something, or even a little tip. you're killing it! 10/10 i can't think of anything to criticise

My god.

Teach me your ways, oh mighty xKore. This shit is seriously dirty! Like, dirtier than Quarl down there. You know.

Damn I love this. It keeps getting better! Nice intro, wubwub the bass comes in, the beat speeds up, slows down, keeps getting better and better. I have absolutely no criticism.

Awesomely done.
4.28 / 5.00 (+ 0.0085)

-Kw (and seriously, TEACH MEH! D:)

lol, muff.

You and rig should do a mash up with his yummy muffin song.

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/109299

T'woud be muff sex. Other than that I've got nothing to say man. Great work :)

God Damn!

Other than mr-jazzman, I cannot find a better Dubstep artists than you guys. I am new to Dubstep but from everytime I hear one of your songs or jazzman's I love it more.

Seriously Xkore

At these moments that i think it's your peak, that you can't grow any further, you surprise me time after time, this production is so clean, yet so dirty...

I love the chord progressions and the wobble sound is really something!