Reviews for "Kris Sumara - Wip"

Hey Man.

Veryyy Loonngg Time no Speak..

This shits great man, real trancey but also very house and danceable..

man keep at it.

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but like i sed love the Progressive feel to the whole song..

and the house and danceability..


-¦- CKC -¦-

So far, so awesome

Yeah, there's not much else I can say, it's very well done. :D
Can't wait to see the finished product!


I love this. Has both trance and house mixed together although a bit short.

Also, that pluck that you used in the beginning, can you tell me how u made that sound?

- Which vst?
- Instrument?
- FX's used?


- XeroQ

KrisSumara responds:

That information is secret :P

very nicee

you've really captured a great trance mix here man.
i really enjoyed this
Dl and fave
~Dj Sonik


all that needs to be said. this song is boss. i need to work on trance plucks, because the pluck in this song brings it all together. great song.

you gotta keep going with it, maybe fade it into a synth or pad based riff with a lot of body. find an epic chord progression and and then bring the beat and pluck back in over it and youl have an epic, deep bodied and vast blow your mind kind of piece in the middle and then fade it back into the calmer beat like in the intro. just ideas, tryin to picture it in my head.