Reviews for "Bomb it"


i absolutely lurv this game!!!! bomberman is one of my fav games and tho ur like remaking it i stil tink its fun. its a good thing tt theres only a few keys to use. so its not complicated at all.

ur 5'd!!!!!
PS i fell in lurv wit this game ald :D its added to my fav. lurv this man.


That was really fun! awesome job, but i think that the comps should be able to pick up items that way they could get really rigged
great game once again


iv done lyk 20 levals its cool

Very good bomberman clone

Very good game.
Maybe missing a single gamer mode, with differents levels, ennemies & bosses, jus like the original ;)

Ugh. Epic game though.

What get's to me, is that half of the bad reviewers are either young-un's who don't know what bomberman is, or just stupid enough to not play it. And yes, it loads. Just you're computer sucks so much dick it doesn't, Good job on the game by the way, I had alot of fun, it also brung back memories ;D