Reviews for "Bomb it"

deserves frontpage

serioulsy awesome game make another one or remake another classic game.

Nice game

Very fun and almost an addicting game.


but you havent put a menu button in at the end so you have to close it and start it up again!

goog game

Oldskool perfect

A great Bomberman game, good powerups, nice graphics, very good.

The AI of the enemie was pretty good, sometimes the game was pretty hard. The maps looked very nice an playful, same as the characters.

The powerups are oldskool, but still great, loved that grenade. Very much fun to use it in the multiplayer.

Amazingly Beautiful!

This was just great, reminded me a lot of Bomberman and a lot of and Easter game i have played before.

Graphics: The graphics were nice and clean, they looked like they had been done better than the best. There were very colourful characters in this game, which didn't seem to do much really. Try and make them do something please!

Style: It was very stylish, it looks great and very colourful. Colour is the main thing in a game like this. You just need the right amount of it and there you have it, a world class game.

Sound: It was very good in the sound department. It was a very happy and cheerful track which made me want to play on more. Try including a variety of tracks to give it an even happier sound to it.

Violence: There wasn't really that much violence but the bombs made it pretty violent and when you died you were black and burnt so that was kinda violent too. Hope your happy with the 5 i gave you for violence!

Interactivity: This game was very interactive, it gave me the courage to carry on and win the game. It was very well layed out on the keyboard and reminded me of the controls for the Bomberman game.

Humor: There was no humor in this game.

Overall: Overall this was a great game. I hope to see more games like this from you in the future. Congratulations on this game, i hope you win Daily Feature with it.