Reviews for "Bomb it"

Very bomberman

A great game with some nice cutesy graphics and good sound effects. The music was hilariously cheesy but at least you could turn it off.
Opponents ere very clever and hhard to dispose of, I think that you should have written the name of the powerup when it was collected, because there were quite a few and I couldn't remember what each one did.
I can't give you a higher score than 9 because the game is a spin-off, the crappy music lops off a point and so does the complicated, frustrationg, tight, maze- like level design.
So you're down to a solid seven. Well done.


i absolutely lurv this game!!!! bomberman is one of my fav games and tho ur like remaking it i stil tink its fun. its a good thing tt theres only a few keys to use. so its not complicated at all.

ur 5'd!!!!!
PS i fell in lurv wit this game ald :D its added to my fav. lurv this man.

Only Two Problems

Everything was great except for two things. When you pressed a directional button and let go the movement sort of carried over for a few seconds. And my second suggestion is a different view. At times it was kind of hard to tell where you could and couldn't go. That's all I have to say. Wonderful job.

Very addictive Bomberman

This is a good game, the only thing you should add is obersver. Watch the CPU kill eachother. And also other Bomb it Modes. Very good game though. Nice job. 4/5

very nice game

that game was awesome. i think i've blown myself up in this game almost 10 times before i finally realized i could be killed by my own weapons. the game itself was a lot of fun to play, very nice graphics, good audio, nice bomberman-like idea and concept to it. all the many power-ups in this one made it all the more enjoyable too.

overall, that was a very nice game, good gameplay, a good challenge and it was a super way to kill off time. hope this one wins an award.