Reviews for "Bomb it"


is 1 of the most fun games iv ever played! i fuking luv it! the only thing is all the people look 2 much alike. it makes it a little confusing. & the game seems 2 girly 2 me. it needs sum blood & a metal soundtrack! otherwise great job!

it was okay

it was fun while it lasted but got a little boring at the end but other than that nice.

You done a awesome job............

This was done very well. I gave you a 5 on style due to the fact it was ripped off from Bomber Man. Other than that, you can't get much better, Also bomber man was one of my all time favorite games.

The next Pac Man!

This game should be the next Pac Man.


Man this is so cool, it reminds summer. It is cool that this kind of kind and gentle games are made, not always those war games and horror or dressups or. So gentle and kind game. I love it.