Reviews for "Bomb it"

A good game

I've almost always liked the Bomerman style gameplay, so this was a fun game.

Still, it was a little too...cute. That would probably turn a few people off to this game.

The soul of Bomberman, the look of Teletubbies.

The gameplay was nice, but the setup was waaay too bright for me to enjoy. Nonetheless, it was still a good game.

Not worthy of comparison to bomberman.

That was a shameless rip off of Bomberman, you should be ashamed. The way the people looked was so "happy" it scared me. They looked like criminally insane children bent on ripping out my windpipe. No offense of course. Using cake, strawberrys and crackerlike thingys for the level obstacles was strange and slightly disturbing. The controls were ok, i guess, but kicking the bomb made it instantly explode. That was seriosly messed up, having full fire and accidently kicking one was like insta-suicide. There was effort put into that but it was directed in the wrong way, mainly making the stage and characters so happy and gay that it was sickening. Now that im done expressing the creepyness of it, it was ok, the effort was obvious, but one dont make obvious copys of others, and please dont make your characters like that, it was seriously creepy. No offense, but it was seriosly creepy the way it looked.


Great take on and old game. I remember playing versions of this years ago. nothing even close to this though. great work. and very fun

A Bomberman Tribute That Could Use Some Polishing

Of course, that's my own opinion, but hey. Even though I was fighting with the controls at times, this was a fun little romp through a nice flash game. More levels and a level-choosing option as well as randomly-generated levels would've been nice, and while the music was suitably cute, it was kinda grating at times. Something softer in volume and maybe a little more hecitic-sounding during gameplay would've suited my tastes. Also, I felt like I was fighting the controls at times, like several times where I wanted to go down and around a corner, but kept going straight instead. It definitely has a Bomberman tribute feel. It's cute and simple, just like the original Bomberman, and that's points in its favor. Expand on this, and I think you may have a real hit. I'm being totally honest.