Reviews for "Bomb it"

Loved it.

This game reminds me when I still had my PS1...lol.
I love it, it's a old classic.


That was really fun! awesome job, but i think that the comps should be able to pick up items that way they could get really rigged
great game once again


just like bomberman,and i loved this game for the nintendo 64!awesome,remembered me on good old times,when everything was carefree! awesome garphics andaddictive gameplay too! good sound just awesome.But one thing,for some ppl it could be copied a biot to much of bomberman,but not for me ;) good job,keep it up(serieuse!) id love to play a second part!

i loved it

this was a great game, mainly because i love bomberman haha. good job


it was pretty cool. but i died.