Reviews for "Bomb it"

what the???

Not a bad game... but there were several problems.
It was hard to see where you were going, the computer player once planted a bomb from far away (I think), and like dark lord said, sometimes you could not plant bombs... but I think thats cos u ran out... but im not sure. Also, I think that you should be able to choose the number of players so u can play 1 on 1 or something... It's just hard to keep up with three pther comp players.
The only low point is the sound... there was no sound that I really noticed... IF you are going for a childish and somewhat annoying feel to the game like I think you are, it would be better with music or sound effects. Overall its not too bad of a game... but I can see many areas for improvement.

Good but somethings need to be ironed out

Lets start with the bad.. always start with bad

Its pretty difficult to control unlike bomberman, probably because of inherently flash itself.
There are also some bugs when i cant lay bombs at. And i got so frustrated i kicked a bomb at the square n killed my self.
Its always tilted towards the com.. even when u die together with him. I know it discourages suicide attacks.

Then the good
Overall good job. The rest of the comments pretty much said wad i wanted to say.

great for 2 p

realy realy nice game for playing with soemone when your bored

not bad at all :}

Nice job

I loved the bomberman games and this was a great proxy. I'm not big on cutesy stuff but you got high marks for this one. Realy well put together.


This game looks SO, stupid, but it's the funniest game to come out on newgrounds in years (or moths). Make more of these games plz!!! Im so addicted.