Reviews for "Bomb it"

very good

i love this game it reminds me so much of bomberman but it gets repetitive

it would be better if there was some bosses in it tho, but overall good game

Nice Game

That is a great game. I didn't know blowing up robots would be so much fun. The only thing I didn't like was the music. The powerups rock. My fav is the rocket thing. Great game. 9/10.


Finally a good bomberman! loved the original and this one defanitly lives up to the old one!
The powerups made the game even more addictive and fun to play and in the multiplayer mode it was just simply genius with them! i did not like the music but good thing you made a button to turn it off ;)
Really good game!


Honestly, the one-line summary says it all.
I loved it. I rock at this game lol. I just love how simple and addictive it is.
Great one.
Keep'em up !

Great game, but I found a small bug

I noticed a small bug. If you leave one of those pink traps that slows down your opponents if they pick it up, you won't be able to leave a bomb in that same spot.

Very nice game, though.