Reviews for "Bomb it"

Great game!

I've opened this game twice in the last couple of weeks, just to alleviate a little boredom and was thrilled to find such a good game. I could play this for hours (and probably have)!

Great music, sound effects and visuals. I like the bright colours. Think they help with the excitement of the game.

Two thumbs up!


fun game

just way to girly....i give it a 9 for that. plz make another.

Great Game Based off Bomberman

This game was a good way to spend a few hours and definitely has a distinct bomber man feel.

This is a Man's game

This Game is very much a man's game. If you want to be more man, then play this game. Because of the Manliness. It's the most Masculine game you'll ever ever play. Afterwards you might feel like so much of a man you'll want to wear a dress and sip tea from a very small glass.

a little gay

idea is good but the colors are gay