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Reviews for "Autumn War"

Jesus H.!

Wow, if I could rate you on the innovative aspect of this flash, it would surly be through the roof. Super fun! I read all the instructions and felt a little overwhelmed but it seems to all come natural once you start playing, very well done and extra points for zombies!

this game rocks....

nothing wrong with this, it is truly amazing

one of the best game i have played on newgrounds!!

one of the best games i have played on newgrounds, the only thing is, i can't stop playing!!! 3 thumbs way up!!!

This is super duper epic

its so awesome i could do a journal entry about a soldier in the zombies war but i guess you guys would hate that but anyway this game is much more cooler then any zombie game.

o man i love this game and i loved it thru about 5 years its so good