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Reviews for "Autumn War"



Love it.

Love the game, but the 6th mission is just too f**king hard... Uh... Oh yeah, buying vehicles is a good idea, but I think it'd be better having some form of money (start with $200, $100 per wiped out enemy unit, that sort of thing) rather than the time to get vehicles, because the battle moves too quickly for buying vehicles other than the pickup truck to be of much use, since they never arrive in time... I'd love a World Map style map in the Autumn War 2 (if there's going to be one), more units, a developing army with units that gain veterancy if you keep them through a lot of battles... Take over cities, recruit units... Yeah, whatever, just make it bigger and better and stuff.

i like it but...

i really didn't like to wait for about 2 or more minutes because it took me about a few seconds to pass the mission but i liked it a lot anyways.

I like Zombie Games, but not this one

Excellent concept, very cool side scrolling combat commander kind of feel. I thought the zombies made it pretty cool as well. Unfortunately you had several flaws within the mechanics of the game. Whenever it would calculate whether or not your troops should retreat, aka 3 soldiers against 14 it would flash and reload the screen. There is one big glitch and that is why I rate this flash poorly and that is the purchasing of tanks and vehicles, poor design, half the time they dont show up and just disappear, the buy menu was shit, and it was a piss poor concept at adding strategy for survival and it ruined your game.

Oreo47 responds:

Thats what your mother said last night. kekeke!!1o!ne!!

Anyways, thanks for the review, sorry 'bout the suck.


this game has taken the strategic war game to the next level. needs more things to do, like men and guns!