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Reviews for "Autumn War"

Guys i have some tips for you.Some of you might know them but il tell you anyways...
Once you are in battle hold position and keep as far away from the undead... while your holding position this will give you a chance to fire at them so it can be a little easy.
If they get any closer start falling back NOT RETREATING just move back while firing
And if they get more closer then your better off retreating cause its bad if your losing one of your men.Also dont go charging Like your going to knock down a door... Its a big risk losing one or more of your men DONT BE A HERO.I hope these tips helped

Well at least hankjwimbleton understands that D:< SOLIDERS YOU COWARDS FACE THEM

soldiers are fucking cowards !

I want to like this game, but I just don't see the strategy to it. And the camera effect, while neat to some degree, is REALLY distracting.

its a good game but all the zombies are boys.