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Reviews for "Bomb-omb Blast!"

not exciting...

It would have been decent had there been an increase of difficulty. The game seems more of a test of patience than anything else. Not too bad. Good song choice.

eh, you know, it was made good

but it wasn't too much fun, it was like, how long can you perform this monotonous task. It needs to get harder as you go, some better graphics would be nice, maybe not such ultimate control over the character, as in if you are going fast and change direction you would slide the wrong way a bit, just things to make it more interesting. Good job though, you gotta start somewhere and this is a pretty decent start.


i love these types of games. THe gameplay is awsome
I also love that musicjust because i love MARIO make sure to give credit to the author of the music

its nice to see..

Its nice to see people making games that are from consoles. Why because some people dont have a DS though i do! (Thats why i know how it should be.)

P.s you spelled bob - omb wrong
P.s.s wheres the statue bowser breathing out fire?

mooseisloose responds:

By the way, the spelling has changed from bob-omb to bomb-omb multiple times ;)

Nice game

Nice mini game. I really liekd it, but you could improve baddies' graphics and also background was crappy. You resized bitmap. Resize using photoshop, not flash. Ah and that music was great. Anyway keep it up. I hope to see more from you.


mooseisloose responds:

awwww improve the baddies? I was well proud with how they turned out!