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Reviews for "Polar Rescue"

difficult but still a very good game

keep up the good work

Now THIS is a GAME!!!!

Look! It's CONTRA, but with a Penguin! LMFAO!!! Not only did this have a great little plot, but it had EXCELLENT CONTROLS and GAMEPLAY! This game is one of my favorites for Flash. I didn't really grow too attached to the music and sound for this, so I started playing some game MIDIs in the background. If this had a good soundtrack, you'd have a definite hit with even the hardcore NG Fans. It's not like this thing is going to be a fluke, and I'm not being too difficult, just nitpicky. Overall, the programming for this game was EXCELLENT and TOP NOTCH. This game made my day. Thanks :-) I can't wait to see what you've got lined up next!


This just r00lz!!!!


very good game, but hard to master. makes you want to keep trying till you can get that infernal bird through all the obstacles.

Aswome Game

Really fun and challenging
I loved it
Penguins are really cool