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Reviews for "Polar Rescue"


Deffinetly 1 of my favorite games! Many thanks, you should make a sequal.

Oh my goodness

I remember playing this game on another site a while back. I loved it so much! I think I've only gotten passed that monster once XP I certainly died miserably this time though. I love the polar bear and how it looks as it searches the area ^.^

Great game

good efort

good efort cool game but with a few bugs but i dont mind because _ he lied i say you did good the last guy dont mind him it would be better thought if you have guns

good efort

cool game but with a few bugs but i dint mind because the whole penguin heroe thing is just to cool oh and by the way i agree with
super_mario_man that u shouldnt listen to cloud2303 dont worry ill just shoot him with my snowball canon

don't listen to cloud2303

this game is really good the only thing i have to do is toggle the Quality on the flash meny lol :P