Reviews for "Polar Rescue"


Good Game, Great Idea But How The Hell Do You Get Past That Polar Bear?!? Otherwise, Great :D


im not sure how its an insult to penguin (scareface_666) i think its sweet that this lone ice bird can kick ass with a snow blower!! you are getting a good score because penguins are my favorite animals.

Hard but fun

to the reviewer above.. shoot the icicle above the ice monster to damage him.

But about the game.. i thought it was very well done.. the play was fun but challenging.. it too mea few time to beat it.

loved the game cant wait to see what esle you create

Fucking ice monster!?

How the hell do you beat the ice monster at the end of the level?!

Good Game - Fun to play.

This is a good game. Ok graphics, could be improved.
Style - Its Original, in it's catagory, some games are like it But not many.
Sound - The sound is good. I like the music :D
Violence - Not much, except with the spikes, but that's not very violent. But may i state, a game like this doesn't need violence.
Interactivity - Well, it is a RPG game (Sort of).
Humor - Not really, unless you like to see penguins get Spiked while trying to jump, to get to the more deadly Yeti thing.
Overall - Good game.