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Reviews for "Polar Rescue"


THis Panguin should be Rambo

Woot penguin!

That was a fun game! And a little weird O_?

I guess the only thing I had a problem with was, the Sticky Key window thing came up a lot 'cause shift is the attack button

Hardy har har(laughing)

This was a super game I enjoyed it back at Aussie.... but I never got through the big blue ice creature....until today!
Tips: just keep on repeatedly shooting at the head (manual)
Or use the Ice sharp thingie on top of it's head(automatically, but it'll soon be gone)

Pretty darn cool?

Yeah it would be pretty cool to have more penguin games like this...
But it's pretty easy to die...


awsome game but i think you die to easily,id prefer a heath bar andalso special weapons