Reviews for "Polar Rescue"

Pretty darn cool?

Yeah it would be pretty cool to have more penguin games like this...
But it's pretty easy to die...


awsome game but i think you die to easily,id prefer a heath bar andalso special weapons


This is a great game. there should be more penguin games like it. great job!

WTF! damn polar bear...

I didn't get past the polar bear and frankly i don't mind. I mean that whole practice makes perfect thing works I just don't feel its worth it. Great game though I love platforming. It was sweet took me back to the good old days.........anyway great job I loved it. Only thing I suggest is toning down the difficulty a tinie bit.

((VOTED 5))

Hehehe this was guilty pleasure funny. HAd some nice platforming stuff in there. And how can you not love the fact that your playing as a penguin. The shooting and fighting system definantly wasnt that great but the fact that a penguin was holding it was so cute. Most of the points came off of it being penguin related.

EXTRA COMMENTS: in case you didnt notice penguins are my favorite animal.