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Reviews for "Polar Rescue"

nice game, but hard
(•_•) ( •_•)<( AW YEAH THIS S@X FEELS GOOD!!!
| | | |

It is a pity that one mission, because the game promised to be interesting.


i found this game again xD!!!! i play this when i am 5 years old!!!! xD xD xD!!

the polar bear is impossible to kill....

or do you not have to? great game tho... played when i was like 8...


it kinda sux that the penguin doesn't ACTUALLY have psychic plasma powers XD
I still haven't beat the ice giant yet. The polar bear usually mauls me...I think if you made a sequel, you should make it so you don't instantly die if you lightly touch a foe. Make like, a life bar or something, because this game gets me all paranoid about touching things lol