Reviews for "Polar Rescue"


it kinda sux that the penguin doesn't ACTUALLY have psychic plasma powers XD
I still haven't beat the ice giant yet. The polar bear usually mauls me...I think if you made a sequel, you should make it so you don't instantly die if you lightly touch a foe. Make like, a life bar or something, because this game gets me all paranoid about touching things lol


it's been atleast 8 years since i last played this O_O

Here's what I think could have been improved:

This game is almost flawless; the controls really need to be more responsive and precise, but, other than that, great job!

OK.One quistion belo.

whz dose that penguin has a gon!


It's just great to go back and look at all of the great stuff we had in the early years of the website! While not detailed by today's standards, it's still something great to play. I love how you can just bounce everywhere with those silly little ice trampolines or whatever they are. It takes patience and practice to beat this game, as, while being short, it's still pretty hard. It's quite addictive even if it isn't very long.

I am so sad this place hasn't produced a new game onto this website for eight years. I am at least glad I can follow your YouTube profile.