Reviews for "Diffuse"

Not bad

I can see you have put some thought into this, work on the gfx at the begining a bit and you could have yourself quite a nice lil game :)

Your instructions are too vague

I couldn't figure out how to "get rid of the rectangles." Every so often they'd flash and change colors, but beyond that, you got me.

Looks Good just a few questions though

How do You play?

nothing seems to work as far as diffusing the bomb.

the instructions of using the arrow keys is great but what do you do with the cylinders?

I've gotten all off one color matched up but nothing happens. some more rules to the game would be helpful. unfortunately as it stand it's unplayable from what I can see. so 3/10, and 1/5 for the effort.

can you say rip off

Man if your gonna rip off another game do it decently. I can't remember which website it was, but theres a game almost identical to this that is much better written and user friendly. Come on and come up with something thats your own orginal creation.

i hated it

it mite be a good game if when press <-- or --> the things dont oppcents ways