Reviews for "Diffuse"

amazing- fun -inventive

In one of the reviews below it says that this game isn't original... that guy is on crack. I know for a fact that this game is 100% original. Any likeness to it by other games is either coincidence or stolen from steaming bull games. I first saw this idea from steaming bull almost a year ago so please do some research or something before posting your ignorant garbage. Anyway, yes the game takes some time to get the hang of... it’s all part of experience. The game rocks... give it a fair shot and I’m sure you will agree!

can you say rip off

Man if your gonna rip off another game do it decently. I can't remember which website it was, but theres a game almost identical to this that is much better written and user friendly. Come on and come up with something thats your own orginal creation.

good game

that was a pretty good game. a little easy in some spots, but quite hard in others.... good balance. this one had very nice graphics, a good concept, good gameplay and it was a good time killer.

overall, this one was quite good... hope this one wins an award.

i hated it

it mite be a good game if when press <-- or --> the things dont oppcents ways


=Good Points=
A very fun game, a little confusing for me I will admit. But it was a different type of game which I liked. A great style/basis. The sound and controls were done very well to. As well for the animation that was involved in it. Above all great work, keep it up.

=Bad Points=
None needed. You did really well.