Reviews for "A Nogfish Short #1"


That was awesome, good graphics, apart from the explosions and the thing with the hammer smashing PIKACHU!!! YAY!! I remember I used to love Pokemon. The lyp synching was good too. Good work!

1. Most graphics were pretty good.
2. Lyp synching was good.
3. It was funny.

1. I'd rather have animated explosions more than sprite explosions, and same with the hammer guy.

((( ShortMonkey )))

Nogfish responds:

Thank you for such an in-detail review!

As for the "hammer guy," that is really what MissingNo. looks like... lol

I thought that the explosion added a little something to the piece, but I'll animate it next time...


Ah, the good old Pokémon days. I like your style of animating, it's so fluent. Too bad it's too short, that's minus 1 for your overall.

Nogfish responds:

Thank you for the compliment


Yeah yeah I know, its way short, but thats just the way it is. I think it stands alright by itself...

ownage, lol

funny as hell. i hope to see more coming!

Nogfish responds:

Oh fo sho

I got like 20 new flashes in the mix


Funny. Missing No. kills pikachu then gameboy blows up lol. 5'ded

Nogfish responds:

Haha thanks.


i hate pokemon but where is tht misin no. thing im gonna put it on my little brothers game