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Reviews for "Jammyn (AftyrLyfe)"

Damn... that shit was ILL

Damn haha, this shit was hella raw. The quality is superb and the flow is soooooo on point it's fucking ridiculous. The chorus was hot... I was going to say the beat compliments the chorus but then I notice the chorus also compliments the beat and vice versa. I don't usually review... so you already know... haha if I cam through the shit WAS HAWWWWT. Lol @ the end haha

Keep doing ya thing yall kilt it man.


RemixF2D responds:

Ey! thx Cajete! =) good lookin with the review fam. yea this song was fun.
Thx for the 5. More on the way.
keep up wit us.


dang this was ill

A can i do a feature with you some time

RemixF2D responds:

well I dont see why we cant do a feature sometime bro, but right now were tied up with our mixtape and finishing putting our first album together to get ready for publish and then we will start working on some new material which will open us up to do some features but if you have any beats that you want us to lay some lyrics on just send us a message and email it to us aight dats a bet. Thanks for the review and score keep it cool homie.


Great stuff

Great beat

RemixF2D responds:

thx fam. Props to JPsuperfresh for tha beat.


i liked

this. quick, chill flows! If ya ever make it to Hawaii, the local rock station(i forget the number 100.7 or something) plays Bob Marley everyday at 4:20. haha...Good stuff right there. Cool tribute! Keep dropping these quality tracks! Lots of replay value in this one.


RemixF2D responds:

Awesome! Thx for the luv fam. =)
More on tha way!
Stay up


Wazz Cookin

Im Jammin...
Dis is super solid...
Great F - ing TRACK...
Jam a joint wit some Whooo Wee...

RemixF2D responds:

LoLs. Thx homie. Good rep for your bois.
ayo check some of our other work out and spread the word.
Theres only One way of Life...
Holla! =) PEace!

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