Reviews for "runescape -=free world pk"


why did their swords disapear and why did one guy turn green!!
explain god damit ><


It was pretty good for a short animation. Even though you used the sounds Krinkels used, its good.

Runescape, peh.

Runescape is old man. It's even worse that WoW and that old star wars board game nobody likes anymore. If you were aiming for worst idea ever, asociating stick fighting with runescape, you would win maybe second. First prize would probobly be all those Osama bin-Laden shootout things. Man, those got old fast. This idea got old prett fast, too.

Bad job.

Not what I had expected

This did look good at first. The backgrounds looked decent, and I could deal with the stick figures (although the scimitars were a nice touch). However... once they disappeared, it was just another typical stick fight to the death. That was pretty boring, IMO.

It could do better if you worked more on the figures so they look more like Runescape figures, and if you got some better music.


I liked it but it was a little short and you could of not made them just stick figures or you could have but put some armour on them atleast. I like the scimmy and the background though.