Reviews for "runescape -=free world pk"

where the hell went ur scimmy?

theres the proof of this video being crappy, u cant kill zezima choob


graphics-3:stick people...wow

style-8:i give u points 4 haveing some1 kill zezima

sound-0:srry my comp has no soundO_o

violence-8:ur violence score completely lies in the area where u smash zezimas skull(in ur freakin dreams)

interactivity-1:play replay how interactive


overall-6:its not bad but its not good its ok



lol i love that sum1 owned zezima!o rs players add mader73!
ne way awsome! goin on faves!

great short

i would give it a 70/70 since its fast and the movement goes well

erm...erm..um...wat the ****

sorry dude but it wasnt the greatest or even that good, just tellin you how it is, no hard feelings man \m/

i give it 0 interactivity coz the audiance cant really do anything with it lol