Reviews for "runescape -=free world pk"

When can you ever do that in runescape!!!!!!?????

God this sucks im blamming it...


It's a stick fight based on RS.
And all it really is was a flash meant to bash Zezima.

Enjoy my tasty 0.

too violent...

for rs, anyway, what with its 8-yr-olds and chat filter.

All hail Acheron?

Theres a mute player in RS who could rip Zezima to shreds,George.
Anyways,a bit too short,Monkl and kind've...odd.

this is funny

for all u zezima worshipers its just a flash movie and its just a game. I for one am a runescape player i love rs and at the thought of killing zezima has always made me laugh someone has to kill that no life nerd