Reviews for "runescape -=free world pk"

Lol ppl below me

When did you last play runescape 3 years ago? Rofl the graphics changed, also there is not just attacking and hoping not to die u just lie that to make RuneScape look bad or you really failed at the game and you are such a low level you are really at the part when its true. but believem e, you don't have to level much before u can go maybe pking or fight a high lvl monster, then you will have to drink potions, eat, use special attacks, choose magiks, change prayer and more! So, stop lieing about the combat system because it is not a s bad as you think/lie it to be.

ok but shit subject

man its just making a shit game look good do it about WOW or 2moons rather than a sqaure nerdish rs basher game


i think u should be able to move at ur will and kill stuff other then just standing there waiting to win... the way runescape has the game set up is boring. and after u finish all quests... theres notin to do. grreat flash hope u make more

it needs some work

it should make more fun of runescape it think.....because you cant punch or kick and the groud is all squary.......


I wish Runescape would really have that kindoff PvP, because what they have is LAAAMEEEE. Its just hit,kick,hit,kick, and then pick up! >:( SHAME ON YOU RUNESCAPE