Reviews for "a SMB3 Tale I"

Bestest Mario Movie Ever MADE!

Still not better than ROTMK (no offense).I have a question really 2 questions (please respond)
1.Is Luigi gonna be alive from what we saw in the credits?
2.When will the next part come?


All mah 5 are belong to dis! I don't care how many Mario movies they make, they never get old!

Awesome movie.

Incredible movie Stamp. Although I haven't played the 8-bit version of this game, I did play the 16-bit version. I'm not sure, but I think the pwned jokes are getting old.

absolute awesomeness.

this flash is the opitamy of awesome coolness. also, could you get me some custom mario combat sprites?

-sun member#64 lavernious231

Super Mario 3 RULEZ!!! -\/-

SMB3 is one of my favorite games too! I liked how you used Super Smash Brothers sounds and the whole story was funny.