Reviews for "a SMB3 Tale I"


awesome cant wait for second one keep up the good work.


congratiulations on th front page

Funny ...

Kinda funny ...
I wan to see everything !
Why Luigi was in the water on the credits ?
I think this deserves a 4 ...

i loved it

this is 1 of the best mario flashes i have ever seen


Ohh! That was so col. I have never seen mario fighting that good. :)
Nice animation, Added 2 favorites :P

All my 5 belongs to this :D

Sweet 8bit sprite flash!

Not thats a tribute to SMB3 worth watching. I always loved the Mario bros. since a kid and I always will. I even liked the way you made them fight like the Matrix and added cool stuff the game never had. Exelent work. Oh well, I hope you make another when you have time. Im glad you still believe in the 8 bit. Without the 8 bit era Mario and Luigi wouldive never gotten too far allong with a few true classic characters we know and love. Good luck.