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Reviews for "A Face in Silent Keeping"

I only wish I was as talented of a singer as you.

You are one of the few people I have given a 5/5.

You sound a lot like Evanescence and you have a somewhat bluesy tone that reminds me somewhat of some Dream Theater. Coming from a huge fan of both, that is a complement. Oh yeah, you sound a bit like Blind Melon's singer, but don't be mad because even though he was a guy, he still sounded very, very much like a woman.

You MUST keep it up!

InsertFunnyUserName responds:

Thanks! :D

I Did A Fucking Double Take

You fucking voice is amazing and the song was badass. Great job IFUN!

InsertFunnyUserName responds:

Thanks :]

Wow, sorry but I'm shocked

I mean no disrespect, I don't really know you but I didn't expect it to be THIS good. I'm slightly quite blown away at the quality of not only your voice but the work you must have put into this - all the lyrics and music composed, plus played.

The thing is I could actually imagine this being something big. For some reason I get a very 90s rock feel from it which I just love, feels like something almost familiar just by the tune. I'm sure a lot of 90s kids would appreicate this song.

I hope you have more music lined up because if you're doing this now at 15, well I think you could be simply amazing in the future.

And thanks for having the guts to share this with Newgrounds. Confidence is a key and you seem to not be afraid which can only help strengthen you and your voice.

Thank you.

InsertFunnyUserName responds:

Thanks :D

In terms of confidence sharing it, I figure I can utilize whatever anyone has to say whether it be bad or good.


Those who surprise me once seem to keep doing so.

InsertFunnyUserName responds:

Haha, thanks.

A great improvement from ''Hush''.

I was not expecting this song to be as good as it is. You have impressed me greatly as to how much you have improved musically.

I really enjoyed your distorted riffing and how your voice compliments your instrument. I think that every riff connects perfectly and sounds great. The only thing that I think you could have improved was the guitar solo towards the end. I felt that it could have been more ''shreddy''.

Other than that, I enjoyed listening to your song. Keep up the good work!