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Reviews for "Demise of a Match"


I guess I have no real humor for this. It's kinda blah to me.
I mean, you did the flash good, and you made the graphics good too. But it wasn't that interesting to me. Best of luck!

Wonchop responds:

meh k

A scratch, eh?

Whoops... Not bad at all.

Wonchop responds:



This movie is totally false. Matches only speak Russian, everyone knows that. Either you dubbed it or you didn't do your research. Honestly.

Wonchop responds:

Er...yeah... it's dubbed... >_>

Three words...


Wonchop responds:

Thanken yow

one small suggestion...

i would have letf out the speaking part from the match. it takes away from the artistic feel of the silly scene turned dramatic.

Wonchop responds:

But then it wouldn't be as silly =(