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Reviews for "Cheese's CS Lessons"


so funny! i wish there were more cartoons like this on the site. keep makin more, im looking forward to the next one!

Mariowned responds:

Thanks a lot stranger. Next time Cheese has a few beers maybe I can make a new cartoon.

A-W-E-S-O-M-E.. But I saw it one year ago

Cheese and Mario, you guys doing great job, when I saw that first, it was so funny like "press b" theres a big B .. its so awesome..

<3 GeekSports :D

Mariowned responds:

Glad you liked it. =)


LOLOLOLO!! That was so cool!! Good Graphics.. And very funny! LMAO!! :D:D:D

Good job!

Mariowned responds:

I'm glad (and I'm sure Cheese is glad) that you liked it. Thanks.

Lol, Authentic!

Wow, it's even authentic to the crappy microphone VoIP static (no offense if any)

Anyways, here's my review:

Graphics: 6 (4 for comedic purposes, and 2 for well, you know)

Sound- 4 (My real sound grade is 6)

Violence- 6

Humor- 8 (really, lol)

Style- 8 (Finally, the flash version of a bad instructor teaching a noob some dirty tricks)

Overall- 8 (not exactly the best graphics or sound I've ever seen or heard, but the humor content kept it going)

Mariowned responds:

Yea, it was recorded right from ventrilo, so the quality is poop. It was never intended to become a cartoon or else the sound quality would be better. I appreciate the well thought out review, and I am glad that you thought it was funny.



Mariowned responds: