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Reviews for "Cheese's CS Lessons"


More like, the skills to be a Llama, But anyways it was good

Mariowned responds:

Who said being a Llama is a bad thing? Thanks :)

are you

supposed to sound like a fucken retard?

Mariowned responds:


Gotta go swimmin'

^What I liked^
Ha, now that was a sweet CS flash. You don't see those everyday. But I enjoyed everything, the graphics, voices, the animation. I also really liked the characters and how they were made. But the best part was the "gotta go swimmin'".

^What Needs improving^
Well I found the gore to be a little lame. It it splattered or dripping like real blood, or organs comming out, would've made it cooler. But that's all I find needs improving at the momment.

A very funny CS flash, that I really enjoyed and think a lot of people should. Good job.

Mariowned responds:

Thanks a lot man. I was hoping the blood would be so lame that it was good but I guess not. ;)

If my next cartoon has blood in it I promise to make it better.


omg i lol'd pretty good @ this one! haha whoever was voicing sounded like.. exactly how ppl sound when you join funmaps at around 1 a.m! LOL off headddd>..!1
+1 for the random off-head lolz good stuff dont do drugs

Mariowned responds:

There's nothing like playing fun map servers late at night. Remember, always keep a smoke grenade on you!


The only problem I had was the voice acting. Other than that is was really good.

Mariowned responds:

The voice was the best part :[ Thanks though.