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Reviews for "Cheese's CS Lessons"


The only problem I had was the voice acting. Other than that is was really good.

Mariowned responds:

The voice was the best part :[ Thanks though.


it was ok but the voice acting was terrable wost than re 1 but the hilarios thing was you actuly put a replay button.

Mariowned responds:

"it was ok" and you gave it a 0
you sir, lack intelligence


Really funny great work!
but you never buy a smoke grenade first,
1.always buy a flashbang,
2.throw it at your team mates and run

Mariowned responds:

Haha, glad you liked it.

Lol, Authentic!

Wow, it's even authentic to the crappy microphone VoIP static (no offense if any)

Anyways, here's my review:

Graphics: 6 (4 for comedic purposes, and 2 for well, you know)

Sound- 4 (My real sound grade is 6)

Violence- 6

Humor- 8 (really, lol)

Style- 8 (Finally, the flash version of a bad instructor teaching a noob some dirty tricks)

Overall- 8 (not exactly the best graphics or sound I've ever seen or heard, but the humor content kept it going)

Mariowned responds:

Yea, it was recorded right from ventrilo, so the quality is poop. It was never intended to become a cartoon or else the sound quality would be better. I appreciate the well thought out review, and I am glad that you thought it was funny.

*laughing ang claping!*

*laughing ang claping!* *suffacats and dies *ok ok where can u get CS(at stores i mean)?

Mariowned responds:

lol... Ummm, you can buy it at Staples, Bestbuy or any EB game store I think.