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Reviews for "Love Your President"

It was fun and cute!

i like the style its real nice. so i gave you a 10 for it! i thought it was funny, so i gave you a 10 for humour, the song was catchy, graphics where creative, so overall, 10! good job! i like it. its almost kid friendly!

I think this is a real fun video

This video is a very good and funny video and I can sing the whole song as well


yea this is kinda weird. you have a title love your presedent yet you are clearly bashing his intelegence in the movie so what the hell are you? for him agenst him, or did you just want to put in a flash movie? becuse i think its good but i just wanna get your pov before i vote for anything.

It was good

the flash was real well made and al least your voices mached up with the lips. unlike some stuff ive seen out there.

I also noticed the vaction countdown is set to match the computer clock down to the second.

Allround good work, and keep it up


its not so bad but...
you can better ;)
that craphics is good very good..
but that humor i thinks that is no funny :p
keep one ;)