Reviews for "The Banshee"


Very professionally done. Presented an old tale I had heard before myself. The animation fit, and it was also clean and seamless.

An intellectual movie, appealing to the intellectuals at newgrounds. I recommend this one if you're sick of listening to fart jokes.

keep it up

that was a great one for halloween. nice animation and excellent sound made a good atmosphere. i encourage you to make more.


I thought that was really cool! I was watching this at midnight and no-one else was in the house! When it was loading and the sound of the wind started, i started to get totally freaked out! It was a good story as well!


very well done! my skin jumped at some parts. very smooth and very creepy

One of the creepiest and best flash movies in NG.

This is one of the best flash films I've ever seen. It's a very austere and dark look at the Gaelic legend. The animation is very smooth, the voice acting is, in my opinion, is one of the best and very professional. The movie sets in a very good atmosphere and mood. One can feel the ambience be assimilated into one's skin, as if the very shadows around you were hovering above you. The sequence is also very good, leading the viewer from one enigma to another. I highly recommend this film; this film is one my favorites.